June 10 -18, 2017

Our gardens promote beauty, biodiversity, food security, green spaces, clean air, employment, tourism and just plain fun! 

Find out how you can get involved!


Welcome to GardenOntario Week 2017!

Lets get growing!

Events and activities are being organized throughout Ontario.
​From workshops to guided walks, plant sales to garden parties, guerrilla gardening to community garden work bees, there is something for everyone and everyone is invited. 

GardenOntario Week is for everyone

Events take place all week long. Whether you are a family, a seasoned pro, a green thumb, or someone interested in connecting with the land, this is the week to learn and get hands-on experience.


Get involved in GardenOntario Week 

Wondering what you can do? Here are some ideas:

Organize a Garden Tour

GardenOntario Week is in June, a month in which roses and lilacs should be blooming.

Have a Plant Sale

Invite the public to your plant sale.

Host a Garden Show

Here’s an opportunity to showcase all the great flower designers that OHA has. Host a show and let the public see.

Hold a Garden Party

Invite your neighbours to an afternoon of enjoyment in a garden. Add artists and music and make the event a memorable one.

Plan a Fundraising Event

Find a venue, engage a speaker and use GardenOntario Week to raise $$ for your Society or your favourite charity.

Have a Family Day in your Local Park

Plan a day of activities for local families in the park. Clean up an area of the park, create a new garden, or just enjoy the fruits of past labours.

Create a School Garden

Gather a group of volunteers to convert part of your local school grounds into a garden for children.

Show How to Grow Herbs in Containers

Hold a demonstration for the public on growing herbs (or something else) in containers.

Host a Community Garden Day

Either start a new community garden or bring together a group of gardeners to work in an existing community garden.

Tour an Arboretum

Arboreta are perfect places to find out how trees look as they mature. Use GardenOntario Week to give a tour of a local arboretum.

Plant a Tree

Bring together friends and neighbours and plant a tree to commemorate an event. Or plant one just because it's a good thing to do.

Build Bee Hotels

Many bees nest in cavities. Use old wood or purchase a bee hotel and give local bees a place to lay their eggs.

Organize a Trail Walk

Organize an environmental or nature walk along a trail in your community.

Plan a Guerrilla Gardening Event

Arrange a guerrilla gardening project and invite the community to take part.


Tools to Advertise Your Event​ 

The OHA, in collaboration, with Urban + Co. Inc., have created marketing materials for societies and districts to use.  This includes one poster to promote GardenOntario Week 2017 and a second poster for societies or districts to use that can be customized to showcase their individual event(s). The OHA has also created labels for societies and districts to use for their promotions.  These labels can be used for things like seed packages, advertising, Seedy Saturday promotions, etc.  The labels have been set up for you with the label type and size noted in the file name. Click to download the files below.


Register Your GardenOntario Week Event​ 

You can get involved in GardenOntario Week by running your own event and registering it with us online. You do not have to belong to the OHA to join in the festivities. No matter how big or small, we want to have you involved.

Click below to tell us about your plans for GardenOntario Week. The information you send will be put on the events page for that date. All events are reviewed prior to being posted for completeness. Please expect a 1-2 day turnaround time for posting to the event calendar.



2017 GardenOntario Week Events

Stay tuned for events to come.

Event Location Map

Zoom in on the map below to find GardenOntario Week events happening in your neighbourhood.

Don’t forget to share your stories and photos on Facebook and Twitter or email events@gardenontario.org


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The Ontario Horticultural Association was established in 1906 as a way of uniting the several autonomous Horticultural Societies in Ontario.  Today, with 280+ Member Societies, the Ontario Horticultural Association is one of the oldest and one of the largest umbrella organizations in Ontario. Whether working toward planting more trees, sharing knowledge, or beautifying communities, the OHA has remained relevant through all of its 110 years.

Our Societies

The Horticultural Association prides itself in guiding and encouraging the Horticultural Societies across Ontario. The projects and initiatives fostered by the OHA and carried out by the dedication of Horticultural Societies continue to beautify our communities and conserve our Ontario environment. The work that Horticultural Societies do in their communities is all volunteer time.  In 2015, volunteers from Horticultural Societies in Ontario and those volunteers on the OHA Board together gave over 511,604 hours of volunteer service.


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